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Original DVP maintenance and repair kits to refurbish or maintain DVP vacuum pumps or compressors

In case of small pumps the spare part kit is equal with the overhaul kit (maintenance kit), because by mono block pumps no need too much spare parts. Bearings and shaft seals are installed in the electrical motors. DVP original kits could contain the set of carbon vanes, gaskets, air filters. 

Minor kits and major kits for DVP pumps

Not easy to know always the difference between producers and producers but now we clearing the differences. Minor kit is a filter kit for DVP pumps, to make a maintenance it could be a maintenance kit but do not contain vacuum oil. The major kit do not contain the bearings, sleeves (bushing) and oils. It has to be ordered in separately. 

Spare part kit for DVP vacuum pumps and compressors 

The spare part kit is a kit about spare parts for the dry DVP carbon vane pumps, which contain the set of carbon vanes, air filter and perhaps gaskets. Original DVP products guaranteed quality and mainly from stock shipments. 

DVP vacuum pump models:

DVP compressor models:

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