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What Is a Carbon Vane? Carbon Vanes for Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

11. May 2023

Coal has long been an important product of the machine industry, both as a raw material and as a component. It wears well due to its self-lubricating properties while being heat-resistant; it is fully suitable as a vacuum pump vane. Naturally, compressors similar to vacuum pumps are manufactured with the same carbon vane because its high bending strength.

What is a carbon vane

Dry carbon vane vacuum pumps, compressors and suction/pressure (combined) pumps with the constantly wearing graphite vane are manufactured for the printing industry, packaging industry, and food industry. While the rotor operates at 1500 revolutions per minute, eccentrically placed in a cylindrical housing, the vanes move up and down in the rotor slots. The system uses centrifugal force to generate vacuum or pressure, with an oil-free self-lubricating carbon vane. The transported medium is mostly air, non-corrosive, dry air.

These pumps are dry-lubricated, which means that the height of the carbon vanes wears continuously and the worn-off fine particles perform the self-lubrication. As the pump vanes constantly wear during operation, they must be replaced after reaching a certain minimum size; otherwise, they may break and cause serious damage to the pump.

Carbon vanes are in the vacuum pump, which are generating vacuum.

We strongly recommend that you check the height of the vane after 3000 operating hours and replace it if necessary. If replacement is not necessary, we recommend repeating the inspection every 1,000 (or less) operating hours.

The carbon vane of the vacuum pump is not the heart of the equipment, but rather the blood. Without it, the pump or compressor will weaken. 🙂 Replace if necessary!

AIR24 manufactures carbon vane products in different sizes and shapes, even in custom sizes depending on individual specifications. Our most important product is an alternative carbon vane for the main vacuum pump and compressor brands, such as Becker, Busch, DVP, Rietschle, Fezer, Heidelberg, Schmalz, Orion.

We only use the best (Made in EU) raw materials for the production of our carbon vanes. This is our quality pledge to our customers.

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